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Junk Removal - Industrial and Residential

Junk Removal Services in the Greater Toronto Area & Surrounding Communities

Removal, Recycling and Disposal - The Right Way

We all have an obligation to preserve the beauty of our planet. One way in which we can contribute is by making sure we minimize what we throw into our landfills.

JC Recycling Solutions ensures that your waste and junk end up in the best possible place. Call us today and do your part to protect our home.

Recycling Pick Up

Does This Look Familiar?

If it does, you've come to the right place. JC Recycling Solutions will remove unwanted scrap pallets. Let's face it. You've got to deal with these at some point.

If you accumulate scrap pallets on a regular basis, we can set up a schedule for removal. Set it and forget it. We do the rest.


JC Recycling Solutions is able to provide clients with storage containers for their non-metal disposables. Our waste management specialists are able to accurately assess the needs of each individual company in a manner that insures that their waste management needs are met at a minimal cost. 


JC Recycling Solutions provides a residential junk removal service that can accommodate any household waste needs, anywhere from old furniture to construction cleanup. Our team can do the entire removal and remove the waste, or we can simply provide the bins for residents and remove them when they are full. 

Flat Rate Junk Removal Pricing

We make it easy for you to help reduce landfill use, contribute to a cleaner environment and help those less fortunate. We make sure that anything that can re-used is either donated or recycled. Together with our flat rate junk removal pricing, it's an affordable way to give our wonderful planet a great big hug.

Truck box size and why it matters

We offer flat rate junk removal pricing for most items. Our truck boxes measure 14 feet long by 8 feet wide. Most other junk removal companies have 10 foot boxes. Our larger truck boxes mean we can remove more junk for a lower cost to you.


All Junk Removal Rates are Full Service

We remove from the inside and outside, wherever your junk is located. There is a 10% discount if everything you need us to remove is on your driveway.


There is a minimum charge of $110.00.

1/4 Truck - Price $255.00

1/2 Truck - Price $400.00

3/4 Truck - Price $500.00

Full Truck - Price $575.00

All prices are plus HST. Heavier items such as drywall, tiles, concrete or soil will incur an additional fee. Please contact us for pricing.

Our Commitment To You

On time, every time

We recycle and donate when possible

We will remove almost anything except hazardous waste

Fully licensed and insured

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